About Us

Crisis Response Project (CRP) is a program of Community Integrated Work Program, Inc.


CRP's first 24/7 mobile crisis response team started in 1996 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Since 2012, CRP has grown to several regions serving several Regional Centers throughout Los Angeles. We are also serving Northern California regions. 



The mission of CRP is to provide crisis prevention, intervention, training, and follow-up services as support to community homes, day programs, and families. CRP works specifically to decrease police involvement and unnecessary psychiatric hospitalizations. In addition to providing immediate stabilization, CRP also increases the success of consumers in the community and caregiver’s ability to handle future crises. CRP utilizes evidenced-based interventions and cutting edge research that is culturally sensitive and strengths-based.


CRP counselors are highly trained individuals who receive training on crisis intervention, prevention, and de-escalation techniques. Counselors receive extensive education on autism and other behavioral intervention techniques. CRP works as a multi-disciplinary team and counselors come from diverse educational and employment backgrounds to contribute to the team with their varied experiences.


CRP is built on the philosophy that building skills affords individuals the opportunity to gain control and make choices in their lives. All counselors share this philosophy and act primarily as consumer advocate and promoter of consumer independence, while maintaining CRP's core values of honesty, empowerment, respect, and inter-agency collaboration.


CRP is always there for me when I need them. They always answer the phone, even in the middle of the night.

Regional Center Consumer

Los Angeles

CRP is highly effective in preventing my client from going to the hospital.

Regional Center Service Coordinator

Los Angeles

We are very grateful for the crisis team and what a difference they've made
in our lives. They've alleviated so much of our stress now that we know we
can call them for help with our son. Having the crisis team available gives
such comfort to me and my husband. All of you are a godsend.

Regional Center Caregiver

Los Angeles

I started with this company as a Crisis Counselor, then became Weekend Supervisor, then became Program Coordinator for CRP East Bay. In 2015, I returned as Director to launch the CRP South Central crisis team. Now, I hold a senior leadership position with North Los Angeles County Regional Center. The opportunities for career growth are endless.

Former Director of CRP South Central LA

Los Angeles

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