Rose Dayani, M.A.

Executive Director

Rose Dayani is the CEO/Executive Director of Community Integrated Work Program, Inc. She has over 30 years of experience developing and directing programs to serve diverse needs of individuals with various developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges. Ms. Dayani presently oversees operations of nine Community Integrated Work Programs and several mobile crisis teams throughout California.

CRP Northern California

Marco Chavarin

Regional Director, Northern California

CRP Director, San Andreas Regional Center

Marco is the Director of Northern California Crisis Team which covers San Jose, Santa Clara, and Watsonville regions. Prior, Marco was the Director of CRP East Bay since August of 2008. Previous to working with CRP East Bay, Marco worked with the San Diego crisis team. Marco speaks Spanish. 

Meet Marco's Team

Cindy Florido, M.A., APC

​CRP Director,  Regional Center of the East Bay

Meet Cindy's Team

CRP Southern California

Marisa Phan, MBA

Regional Director, Southern California

CRP Director,  Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center

Marisa earned her Bachelor of Psychology and her Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Management. Marisa joined CRP in August of 2008 and has been the Director of the West Los Angeles crisis team since July of 2012. She recently took on her new position to launch our newest Eastern Los Angeles team. Previous to working with the crisis team, Marisa worked as a teacher at Spectrum Schools and for The ARC. Marisa has worked with the developmentally disabled population since 1998. She specializes in working with non-verbal clients with autism. Marisa is well versed in the usage of behaviorism, discrete trial, and PECS. Marisa speaks Spanish.

Meet Marisa's Team

Mariyah Givens, AMFT

CRP Director, South Central Los Angeles Regional Center​​

Mariyah earned her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, with a Marriage and Family emphasis, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  Previous to joining CRP, Mariyah was employed as a counseling trainee providing individual and group counseling services to middle and high school aged children. Mariyah also worked at an agency that provides neurodiverse teens and adults with housing resources, job coaching, and independent living skills, as well as weekly social skills groups. Mariyah joined the CRP team in October of 2016 and has been the Director since April of 2019.

Meet Mariyah's Team

Philip Tramposh, B.A.

CRP Director, West Los Angeles Regional Center

Philip earned his Bachelor of Psychology degree with a minor in Sociology. Philip has worked in a number of different settings, including group homes, residential facilities, and mental hospitals - all of which serve individuals with co-occurring mental illness and developmental disabilities. He has previous experience working in a supervisory capacity. Philip joined the CRP team in October of 2016.

Meet Philip's Team

Erika Guillen, M.Ed.

Therapeutic Crisis Support Program

TCS Director, Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center

Erika has earned her Master of Arts in Educational Counseling and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Previous to joining CRP, Erika was employed as a Youth Counselor in a comprehensive mental health treatment program serving young individuals with severe emotional challenges. In addition, Erika has worked as a Child Care Counselor in a level 12 residential group home for at-risk adolescents. Erika is fluent in Spanish and joined CIWP in May of 2017.

John Phan, M.Ed.

Trauma Recovery & Awareness Program

TRA Director, Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center

John earned his Bachelor of Cognitive Science and Master in Education degree in Counseling, Family, and Human Services. Prior to joining CIWP, John worked as a Director for a state university Men's Center for two years. He was previously employed as a suicide hotline counselor, intervening for individuals with suicidal ideation. Additionally, John has experience providing individual and group therapy with adults, children, and family. John joined the CIWP team in November 2012.

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